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My name is Dilan and I am the author. I am a kurdish girl who is in her twenties and living in beautiful Austria, Graz. I started my website a few years ago but had to stop because of some personal reasons – February 2017 I relaunched my website. I was always dreaming of having my own website but to start a blog was a big challenge for me. I had no experience and from time to time I have learned so many new things and I’m still learning a lot. It took me forever but after I finally published my website, I couldn’t be prouder. Having something, that is all mine. This feeling of being able to write everything that I feel, like writing. It’s just such a wonderful feeling.

I just want to achieve one thing: to inspire people. Whether with outfits, recipes, wisdom or many other contributions. I just want to inspire them. I invest a lot of time, energy and strength for these posts – knowing people care and are reading my page, is how I’m realizing, how thankful I am for each one of you – I do appreciate it a lot! It was great to start but really hard to stopped having a blog but I’m so glad, that I didn’t completely stopped& thought everything over. It would be really sad, if I didn’t had this website. I’m just a girl who is passionate about writing about things that means much to me. Thank you for supporting me. Thanks for everything. ❤︎