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I ❤︎ BERLIN #2

It’s been a few years but I was in Berlin once. It was great but it was just a school trip. You see a lot of sightseeing but can’t live the Berliner lifestyle. I still loved it! It was great but I was expecting much more to be honest. A few months ago, I’ve decided to see this city again but with a friend of mine. It was so much different than my trip before and I just can’t stop smiling just by thinking about it. I don’t have a lot of pictures because we decided to live the moment instead of taking thousands of useless pictures. I already have a lot of them hah but I posted a lot of cute videos on Instastory (you still can see it – it’s a Highlight on my Account). I had one of the best times in my life and I’m not regretting a single thing. Maybe it was because of my friend or that we just didn’t had any high expectations and got happy by every little thing. I’ve decided to write down 5 things, I’ve loved about this city.


1. The people.

I’ve realized, that the ones who live in Berlin are open, kind and generous. You’ll be ten minutes in the city and would have probably made a lot of friends. That’s what happened to me.












2. The stations. I was scared to be in such a huge city with so many people. I thought I will get lost but it is so easy – there is no way of not finding your way back and if, the people will always help you out





The variety. I’m, compared to Berlin, living in a really small city and as much as I love the city I’m living in, it’s getting boring. Same job, same university and same people. Not that I’m hating on the people I know or see every day but It’s good to see different people and the variety of every man kind.

4. Sightseeing. Berlin is a city who has a past and a lot of stories to tell. All of the museums are breathtaking and absolutely amazing. To me it’s kind of surreal, to be on the exact spot, where tragic things happened and changed our future.















5. The Art. Berlin has one of the best Street Arts. There are some popular places but also a lot of hidden places where you can find amazing artwork. Some of them will even blow your mind.








Lots of Love, Dilan


  1. Hey,

    ich war noch nie in Berlin, hoffe aber das bald zu ändern. Die Fotos sehen wieder wunderschön aus und man bekommt direkt Lust auf die Stadt.

    Mir gefällt die Vielfalt der Stadt total und ich denke man kann dort einiges entdecken.


  2. ein schöner Beitrag mit deiner Hommage an Berlin liebe Dilan!
    ich habe ja eine gewisse Hass-Liebe zu dieser Stadt 😉
    da ich dort aufgewachsen bin, hatte ich immer weite und stressige Wege überall hin, aber wenn ich jetzt dort Familie und Freunde besuche, finde ich es richtig toll, weil ich nich mehr irgendwo “hin muss” 🙂

    liebste Grüße auch,
    ❤ Tina von

    • Dilan Dilan

      Also ich muss gestehen, dass ich die Stadt schon ziemlich interessant finde und sie auch gerne besuche ABER ich könnte dort nicht leben – mir wäre das alles viel zu stressig! Bin ja in einer wirklich sehr kleinen Stadt aufgewachsen hah (6.000 Einwohner 😀 ) deswegen wäre das echt ein Überwindung und auch so eine Art “Mutprobe” –
      Danke für deinen Kommentar!

  3. I love Berlin! Thanks for writing such a nice article about my beloved home city. Great pics, too! Greetings from Berlin, Julia

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